SS Line (Seal Sleeve).

In order the oil seals work efficiently, the surface of has a great importance. If the surface is damaged or spoiled, the oil seal will not be able to fulfill its function. The seal sleeves (SS) have been developed to solve the problem of the surfaces of contact spoiled. These surfaces are pressed on the damaged surface, allowingthe axle to be used again and to a fraction of the cost of a traditional work.

OBS Line (Oil Bath Seal).

 While many oil seals are designed to be installed in a surface of rotation, a OBS seal is a shaft seal who incorporates a surface of rotation in its design, assembled of such form that the manipulation and installation is made as if itwas just one piece. The OBS oil seals include a seal sleeve (SS) that serves as surface of contact for the primarily sealing lip and a flange against which a lip against contaminantsworks. Oils Bath Seals are used commonly when the axle does not havean acceptable finish (for inappropriatedamage or mechanized).

Standard Line.

These are designs developed to satisfy all the applications of speed box, crankshaft, wheel, and pinion. The references which belong to this line have direct contact with the axle when this does not present deep bearings.